Sphereplay has a basic fundamental difference that some say is just semantics and I see it as revolutionary. Playing instead of Practicing. Enjoying every moment as you are in the moment instead of enjoying the destination because you have reached your goal. Instead of me saying, "I 'can' Contact Juggle because I practiced all day". I say things like, "I Sphereplayed all day and look what I can do now" it is more fun to me that way. I know, that's semantics. There are also the fundamental teaching style differences which are very different. I have taken Michael Glenn's 'First Lesson' that he gives and I have taken James Ernest's 'First Lesson' that he gave me. They are different. That foundation makes your starting point different. Start in a different place with a different idea of how to get where you are going means you end up in a different place. Oh and we are all still doing the same thing we just may be on different paths. Different is not better or worse, it is different!!!
Enjoy the music while you Sphereplay a while
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