History of Contact Juggling Dot Com

This Site is Contact Juggling


Contact Juggling Dot Com was started just about 1996.
It was started by Rich Shumaker.
You will notice a lot of Rich(isms) here at CJdC.
In time hopefully you will see Bob and Fredisms as well.
The goal is to create a destination location for your CJ frolics and foibles.

This site is currently on version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 depending on the day of the week.
A Contact Juggling by any other name would still be a Contact Juggling

A Brief History of the Art
When I first learned I was learning several "moves" at the same time.
The goal was to be able to move the ball in a way that I had seen.
It was never about being able to do the X move or the Y move
(Insert Names in X and Y so make X=Bob and Y=Fred).
In fact I probably forgot the name of the butterfly
until I saw James Ernest the next time after my lesson.

Moving a ball is different then learning a trick.
Moving with the ball and letting the ball move you is what
Contact Juggling is all about.

Contact Juggling
Dot Com
is Not Really Movetastic
it is More

This site is copyrighted by Rich Shumaker 1996-2011.