Fushigi means Magic in Japanese
Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball (TM)
Trademarked Product of Zoom TV Products, LLC
Contact Juggling is not trademarked or should I say that James Ernest didn't trademark it so he has no 'license' to the word making it public domain. The 'Art' behind Fushigi is Contact Juggling. Many say that Contact Juggling was actually Michael Moschen's work and Mr. Moschen calls his work Dynamic Object Manipulation. Michael Moschen's work is actually Juggling or as they say has it's roots in Juggling and that has been done for centuries. Man am I tired I wish I had a video discussing this all.

Know thy past and
thy future will unfold before you.

What became known as the Fushigi Ball(TM) is actually an idea that many in the community had for some time. It was actively discussed as the be all end all coolest prop ever by me for a while. How cool would it be to have a ball 'floating' inside another ball so as you moved your hands the ball floated above them. The reality was nobody I knew could make it. Many tried and none suceeded. Funny enough the mistakes my friends made making them are some of my favorite collector art spheres that I own. Amazing stuff. Oh the key issue with the Fushigi Ball(TM) is getting one where the center is dead center. Since they use different density materials the balance will be off if the center ball in the Fushighi Ball is off even if just slightly.

A Ball Inside a Ball